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Băile 1 Mai

The resort is located in the district of Bihor 2 km away from Băile Felix and 4 km from Oradea.

It also was called Băile Episcopiei, and is known for its healing mineral waters and mud.

The variety of thermal mineral water, of high flow, is the main therapeutic factor of the area. Mineral water with bicarbonate, sulfate, calcium and oligo are indicated, to a wide variety of ailments to treat.

In a Băile Mai are several attractive points, including treatment with thermal water of 32 degrees Celsius, with wave pool, Olympic pool, exotic plants and migratory birds.

Therapeutic indications:

  • Diseases of joints and spine;
  • Inflammatory rheumatic diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, status following acute rheumatic fever;
  • cervical spondylosis degenerative rheumatic diseases, back and lumbar osteoarthritis poliartroze;
  • post-traumatic joint disorders post-traumatic stiffness, post-operative condition of joints, bones, states after fractures, sprains;
  • central and peripheral neurological disorders, hemiparesis at least 6 months from the date of the action, parapareze at least 3 months after myelitis after spinal surgery after spinal cord injury, paralysis and various paralysis;
  • chronic gynecological diseases, disorders of puberty or menopause;
  • metabolic diseases and nutrition-related diseases, diabetes mellitus, endocrine diseases, gout.

Resources for the treatment:

  • Thermal mineral water;
  • mud baths;
  • soothing bioclimatic;
  • specialized staff to deal.

Options of treatment:

The treatment has effect, due to the physical and chemical properties of the mud. Thermo Therapy, massage, paraffin wraps. Mud promotes the healing of peripheral neuroreceptorii, vasodilation, and specifically the reaction of the body macanismele.


Moderate continental valley climate, average annual temperature of 10 degrees Celsius.

Places of tourist interest


  • Beach with waves - beach with thermal water, the oldest of its kind in Romania;
  • Lake with water lilies, nature reserve with 3 protected species: Nymphaea Lotus Thermalis (a in Europe unique variety, Tertiary relic), the fish species "Roşioara of Racoviţă"  (endemic species, named after the Romanian naturalist Emil Racoviţă) and the snail Melanopsis Parreyssi (surviving the Ice Age).Venus Beach - largest thermal pool in the resort has 14 swimming pools.

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