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Băile Tușnad

Baile Tusnad is a charming resort located in a picturesque area, it is the smallest spa in the country, but very beautiful and wholesome with a mountain climate. The resort is also known as "Little Switzerland".

The city Baile Tusnad is located in Harghita county, on the banks of the River Olt. The town is wedged between the Harghita and Bodoc Mountains.

Nearby, just 25 km away, is the only of origin volcanic lake of Romania Lacul Sfânta Ana.

Therapeutic indications:

  • cardiovascular disease (conditions after a myocardial infarction, circulatory disorders, valvular disease of heart muscle, high blood pressure, circulatory disorders);
  • diseases of the nervous system-(asthenic neurosis, neurovegetative dystonia, secondary asthenia, physical and mental fatigue);
  • digestive disorders (stomach disease, functional bowel disorders, chronic gastritis, enterocolitis, biliary dyskinesia);
  • endocrine disorders (adrenal insufficiency mild hyperthyroidism, Basedow's disease);

Resources for the treatment:

Natural factors that are used in the treatment are: mineral water sources containing carbon dioxide, chlorine, sodium and / or bicarbonate; alpine bioclimatic type, stimulant, tonic.

Options of treatment:

  • Paraffin poultices;
  • herbal baths;
  • galvanic baths;
  • massage;
  • internal cure with mineral water;
  • magnetic therapy;
  • gymnastics;
  • refexo therapy.


The climate of this spa is characterized by cold winters and an average annual temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, due to the fact that the spa is located in the middle of ancient trees, clean air, ozone and aerosols rich.

Places of tourist interest: 

  • Lacul Sfânta Ana, at 25 km from the spa,
  • Nature Reserve Tinovul Mohos,
  • Topliţa with the Orthodox monastery Sf Prooroc Ilie,  
  • Miercurea Ciuc, wth the Miko castle,
  • ethnographic museum.