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Buziaş spa is located in the Timiş county, in the valley of the River Buziaş, in the southwestern part of the country.  in Câmpia Banatului, on the lower reaches of the Valea Salciei at a distance of 25 km from the city Lugoj, and 34 km from Timişoara.

One of the main factors of natural therapeutic treatment, spa Buziaş, is the variety of mineral used for external treatment that contains carbon dioxide, bicarbonate, chloride, sodium, calcium, magnesium and / or hypotonic , with a mineralization of up to 6 , 6 g / l. Also included are mofette and soothing bioclimatic.

Therapeutic indications:

  • Cardiovascular disease, conditions after a heart attack, postconvalescence, coronary heart disease, mitral regurgitation and the matched aortic valve, hypertension, atherosclerosis, peripheral arterial disease, varicose veins;
  • Cervical degenerative rheumatic diseases, back and lumbar osteoarthritis, poliartroze;
  • Rheumatic diseases abarticulare tendinosis, tendomioze, tendoperiostoze, periarthritis scapulohumeral periarthritis;
  • Post-traumatic disorders post-traumatic joint stiffness, states after operations on muscles, bones and joints, sprains and fractures;
  • Central and peripheral neurological disorders and late complications after a mild paresis and hemiparesis after paresis;
  • Associated respiratory disorders, gynecological, metabolic and nutrition, occupational diseases and neurasthenia.

Resources for the treatment:

  • Mineral springs, carbonate, bicarbonate, chloride, hypotonic, calcium containing water;
  • Ionisation - 800 - 1270 negative air power / cc air;
  • Carbon dioxide, bicarbonate, chloride, bromoiodurate, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, atermale containing and hypotonic mineral water.

Water resources are located in the Park Resort Buzias their mineralization is 5000-6000 mg / liter, carbon dioxide of 2000-2600 mg / l, pH 6.5. It is used in both external (bath CO 2) and internal treatment.

Options of treatment:

  • Thermotherapy;
  • Magneto Therapy;
  • Hydrotherapy baths in hot water;
  • Galvanic baths;
  • Electro therapy - with low frequency, half-frequency, high frequency current and ultrasonic;
  • Aerosols, inhalation;
  • Physiotherapy, therapeutic massage;
  • Medical gymnastics;
  • Outdoor cure under pergolas "colonnade", and healing with negative ionization, through walks in the park.
  • Herbal Baths.


Spa Buziaş has a climate with sub-Mediterranean influences, the climate of the western plains of Romania, in the spring breeze, warm and dry. Buzias Spa is located in an area of transition between mountain and Piedmont plains, the climate is characterized by a temperate climate regime. The average annual temperature is between -1 and 21.5 degrees Celsius.