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Ineu is a town in Arad County, western Transylvania, Romania. It is situated at a distance of 57 km from the county capital Arad, it occupies a 116,6 square km surface at the contact point of Crișul Alb Basin and Crișurilor Plateau. Ineu is the main entrance gate in Zărand Land. The rural settlement called Mocrea also belongs to Ineu.

Ineu was first attested in documents in the year 1214 under the name villa Ieneu. It was a sanjak centre in Timişoara and Varad eyalets as "Yanova" during Ottoman rule.

The traces of habitation of this area are lost in the darkness of time. Archeologists have excavated finds belonging to the Neolithic (axes with hole, silexes, ceramics), to the Dacian civilization, to the Roman occupation (fortress lines, ornaments, arms, millstones) and sources that attest the continuation of inhabitancy on these areas. Ineu has been the residence of a Romanian administrative unit called 'cnezat', it is also well-known as a strong reinforced centre. Ineu's castle is mentioned also as a fortress even from 1295. Having a strategic position in the defense of Transylvania, the castle had a life full of vicissitudes. It belonged to the fortresses of Hunyadi János, it was occupied by the Turks for several times, it was the residence of an Osmanli territorial unit, it was transferred in the possession of Mihai Viteazul, it was conquered by the Hapsburgs, it was a centre of the frontier guard regiment.

These periods and events have left their marks upon the town's development. After the year 1870 it was rebuilt from its ruins in neoclassic style with late Renaissance and Baroque elements. In the period of the revolution in 1848-1849 Ineu was an important centre of the national movements, and it kept this status even in the period between the two world wars.

It is a significant economic centre with a harmonious development of the three economic sectors. Besides, it has the title of Zărand's market town. The touristic potential of the town is an exceptional one. Ineu's castle, the architectural complex of the town's historic centre, as well as the natural reservations are the main touristic attractions that worth visiting by the tourists coming to this region of the country.