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Măcin is located in the north-western part of the Dobrudja region, in Tulcea County. The city is located at the intersection of the DN22 (E87) and DN22D national roads. The DN22 road links it to the Romanian capital, Bucharest (230 km to the West, via Brăila) and to the cities of Isaccea and Tulcea (to the East). The DN22D connect Măcin through a southern route with Tulcea and Constanţa.

The town is located on an ancient Celtic settlement, named Arrubium. It was then included in the Dacian kingdoms of Rhemaxos and Zyraxes, then conquered by the Roman Empire, which stationed a cavalry unit in this place between 99 and 241. The ruins of the old roman fortifications, could be seen today on the top of "Cetate" Hill. Part of the Byzantine Empire and later Ottoman Empire, it was included for some time in the Wallachian and Moldavian voivodates.

It was the site of the Battle of Măcin in 1791.

The main part of the local economy is based in agriculture, especially animal husbandry, cereal growing and fishing. Industry is based on extraction of rock, granite, from a quarry situated on southern slopes of Măcin Mountains, also the textile and clothing manufacture being good represented. A large part of city and surroundings population (especially women) is involved in textile industry. Electrostatic air purifiers and ventilation systems are produced in a local factory.

Recently, the wine industry has been gaining importance, vineyard plantings have been increasing, probing the good potential of the region. The local wine-producer sell wines with the "D.O.C." designation, "Controlled term of origin", of Sarica-Niculiţel region.

One of the best wines of Sărica-Niculiţel vineyard is the Aligoté white dry wine. Here, in the northern part of the hilly and sunny Dobrudja region, between the Danube and Black Sea, this variety of white grape found a new home, giving a wine with unique taste.

The town has also an "inland port" port on the Danube, operated by two local cranes and sometimes an additional floating crane. The port has also grain-handling and some warehousing facilities.


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