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Sărata Monteoru

Spa Sărata Monteoru located at a distance of 20 km from the city of Buzău. Here is the holiday camp (Tabara) Monteoru situated on a small mountain of Subcarpathian in the curvature of the northwestern slope of Dealului Mare, in the center of the spa Sărata Monteoru, part of the parish Merei. Many people come here for treatment. Many tourists come here for fun, summertime at the beach or in what season than for the fresh air and natural beauty of the area.

A moderate continental climate that characterizes transition to the subalpine zone is an important therapeutic factor. Again sources with a high degree of mineralization (up to 513 g / liter).

Therapeutic indications:

  • inflammatory rheumatic disorders: Poliart arthritis, ankylosing anchilopoetica;
  • degenerative rheumatic diseases: artoze, spondylosis, osteoarthritis of the hip, gonarthroses, radiculopatii, static disorder of the spine and lower limbs;
  • soft tissue disorders (abarticulare) periartita-scapular-humeral and femoral coxo, tendonitis, bursitis, fibromyalgia, etc.;
  • traumatic orthopedic disorders, bone and joint problems after fractures of the limbs, post-fracture effects, post-traumatic lesions of the tendons, muscles, circulatory disorders and post-traumatic trophic;
  • peripheral neurological diseases: neuralgia, neuropathies with different causes of peripheral nerve paresis and paralysis, polyneuritis;
  • centrale neurologische aandoeningen: hemiparetice gevolgen en de post-stroke hemiplegische of post-trauma van de hersenen;
  • asthenic neurosis;
  • occupational diseases.

Options of treatment:

  • Hydrotherapy - hot salt baths;
  • thermoterapy
  • electro-therapy with low-frequency current (diadynamische power, exponential Trabert, TENS), interferential current intermediate frequency, high frequency current (short-wave ultrasound);
  • Dry galvano therapy;
  • galvanic baths;
  • magnetic therapy;
  • Laser therapy;
  • polarized light phototherapy;
  • therapeutic massage, physiotherapy and medical gymnastics.

Resources for the treatment:

The main therapeutic factors are the sources of chlorine, magnesium, sulfur and iodine containing mineral water and mud, mostly a positive effect on rheumatic diseases, gynecological disorders and Digesa.

The spa has a basis for treatment, upgraded to the latest standards, equipped with high-quality medical equipment with the latest technology.


The spa has a continental climate with hot sunny summers, wind free and reduced precipitation and cloud cover.

It is located in a hilly area covered with a rich vegetation and sheltered from the wind.

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