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Techirghiol Spa is located in the district of Constanta and is known as mud is found here with real healing properties for many severe or mild diseases.

The town lies on the shore of Techirghiol lake, 16 km from Constanta, 3 km from the Black Sea.

Techirghiol is known for the quality of the salt water and mud, used in the treatment of various diseases.

Therapeutic indications:

  • degenerative rheumatic diseases;
  • inflammatory rheumatic diseases;
  • diartritice rheumatic diseases;
  • posttraumatic symptoms;
  • diseases of the peripheral and central nervous system;
  • gynaecologische aandoeningen;
  • skin diseases;
  • respiratory diseases;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • paresis, paralysis;
  • poliomyelitis sequelae.

Options of treatment:

  • Mud compresses;
  • bathing in warm salt water;
  • aerosol;
  • hydrotherapy.

Resourcements for the treatment:

  • Modern basis for treatment, facilities where you can take hot mud baths, which facilities are extremely modern.
  • The salt water of the lake, containing chlorine, sodium, magnesium, sodiumjodide and healing mud with organic origin, and several salts.
  • Moderna basis for physical therapy installed in 1973 ensures a perfect treatment in the sanatorium and on location.
  • There is also a beach beside lake Techirghiol.


A mild climate with warm summers, mild winters, constant blue sky, with an average annual temperature of 11 degrees Celsius.


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