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Vatra Dornei

Vatra Dornei is a spa of national importance and is open all year round.

It is located in Suceava County, where the rivers Dorna and Bistriţa Aurie merge in a valley wedged between the peaks of the mountains Călimani, Suhard mountains and Giumalău mountains in the vicinity of the Bistriţa Mountains.

It has sources with special therapeutic qualities and a favorable climate for the natural restoration of health of the entire body. The existence of the healing properties of the sources Poiana Negri was discovered in 1805. After 1845, the spa has developed and is continuously updated.

The park is the dendrology sanctuary of the Romanian Academy.

Nearby cities: Suceava at 105 km, which has an airport, Câmpulung Moldovenesc at 40 km, Bistriţa at 85 km. In the area there are beautiful monasteries of northern Moldova which are really worth a visit.

Nearby lies the nature reserve Tinovu Mare in the village of Poiana Stampei, that is the biggest reserve of peat in the country and of great scientific importance.

Therapeutic indications:

  • cardiovascular disease;
  • diartritice and degenerative rheumatic diseases (cervical, dorsal and lumbar osteoarthritis, poliartroza, tendinitis, tendimiozita, periarthritis scapulohumeral periarthritis);
  • posttraumatic states;
  • diseases of the peripheral and central nervous system (small polyneurathies mild residual paresis, sequelae of hemiparesis and paraparesis);
  • endocrine disorders (prepubertal disorders of hyperactive children, benign hyperthyroidism and Basedow's disease at an early stage);
  • gynecological disorders (ovarian syndrome, menopause);
  • respiratory diseases (respiratory neurosis);
  • nervous disorders and metabolic disorders;
  • indigestion;
  • Blood Disorders;
  • recovery from physical and intellectual effort.

Options of treatment:

  • Bathing in carbonated water;
  • internal and external treatment with water from mineral springs;
  • Mud Baths;
  • hydrotherapy.

The treatments are modern and include:

  • Paraffin poultices;
  • electrotherapy;
  • massage;
  • herbal baths;
  • combined with proportional dose scientific interference and physiotherapy.

Resources for the treatment:

  • Dozens of useful mineral springs;
  • treatment facilities,
  • a landscaped park with walking trails for dosed outdoor activities.
  • The spa Vatra Dornei enjoys a fantastic climate, ozone-rich air, the possibility of skiing.

The scenery is beautiful, the scene is so spectacular in terms of its beauty, it is a source for mental health.


Vatra Dornei Spa has an average annual temperature of 5 degrees Celsius. In July the average temperature is 15 degrees Celsius, while the average temperature in janurari is -6 grade Celsius. Annually there are 120 days with snow.

Vatra Dornei is a resort with wonderful conditions for spending a lovely and relaxing holiday. It has a very large capacity of accommodation in hotels, guest houses, motels, etc..